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Broadband Speed Test
ADSL: low SNR in the evening
Understanding and improving

BT I-plate
BT Master Socket
Broadband Glossary
ADSL problem - roadworks
TalkTalk broadband issues
BT Voyager 105 modem


Simple internet (ADSL Broadband) speed tester.
My experiences with Netgear DG834, 2Wire 2700, Speedtouch 585v6 routers.
Why your broadband connection can slow down and how to improve your
ADSL speed.
BT iplate for improving your broadband connection (ring-wire filter).
Pictures of BT's Master Socket NTE5 and the BT TEST socket.
ADSL/VDSL acronyms and related terms.
Freeola ADSL problem - photos of EDF Energy pipe moleing.
TalkTalk Broadband not displaying web pages - Solved!
Fixing "newdev.dll" errors when installing Voyager modem.



Find Longitude and Latitude
Windows Movie Maker logo
Expression Encoder Logo
How to create transparent overlay
"Click to activate"
PHP Random Image demo
Images sizes for the web
BBC style News Ticker script
iPod Touch iPhone icon
Freeola Instant Site
Google Results Counter
Display webpage modified date
GEO Location demo
Simple Google Street View
Phone photos to Website
Website Weather


Find coordinates (Longitude and Latitude) for UK places/post codes - useful when creating website maps. Also: US Zip code map finder centered on America.
Adding a watermark, logo or graphic to your videos.
Add a logo (visual overlay) to videos using Microsoft's FREE Expression Encoder.
Using pixlr a free online graphics application to create a Movie Maker logo.

Macromedia Flash: Simple JavaScript fix to remove 'Click to activate' Internet Explorer 'tool tip'.
Demonstration web page for Freeola PHP Random Image script.
Photographs should always be in JPG format and 'compressed' to ensure fast page loading.
Demonstration of a News Ticker/Marquee using the BBC News script.
Adding a iPhone and iPod Touch icon for your website.
My experiment with a Freeola Instant Website (web based design program).
Simple script to count/number Google search results.
Find the date and time when a web page was last updated.
Google GeoLocation demo using wifi access points.
Simple/basic Google Maps 'Street View' showing Buckingham Palace, London.
Using Flickroid Android App and Flickr php script to automatically display photos on a website. Demo shows lightbox and standard Flickr 'badges'.
Simple but flexible free local weather forecast for adding to websites - Yahoo stopped working!

It's surprising how time flies and things move on...
I'm (slowly) reviewing my website content and updating the pages when I have free time.

The most popular pages are kept current:
Catchup TV
Longitude and Latitude

Catchup TV - BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five
Most popular page!


Watch TV Online
iPlayer forum
Dual-monitor and BBC iPlayer
Google CSE
twitter widgets
Checking short URLs are safe
mr happy chainsaw
ibble obble
Propagating Mistletoe
BOSCH drill suppression filter


BBC / ITV / Channel 4 / FIVE - Free streaming TV in the UK
Search the BBC iPlayer forums/message boards for iPlayer updates and more.
Watching BBC iPlayer in full-screen mode.
Microsoft's browser choice Windows Update
Google Custom Search Engine setup to search this website and the Freeola Chat Forum.
Hmmm... twitter page - Info on JavaScript Profile widgets and Search widgets.
Checking URL shortened links are safe.
Photo Story 3 demonstration - using PS3 and embedded YouTube content.
Useful business decision making tips
Grow your own mistletoe from berries.
Fixing a BOSCH GBH/DFR SDS drill - replacing failed suppression filter.