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BT iPlate [Interstitial Plate] Bell-wire filter
BT have renamed the iPlate "Broadband Accelerator"

Quotes from BT Wholesale about the Interstitial Plate:

The bell wire problem

The third ‘bell wire’ in use with most home extension wiring causes problems for ADSL under certain conditions.
A number of complex effects combine to increase the overall level of noise on the line.
This increase in noise ultimately reduces bit rate and can cause problems with line stability.
The effect can be fairly significant and most homes which have some extension wiring will be suffering to some degree from this issue.
Simple, low cost filtering added at the NTE can significantly reduce this effect.

iplate from BT

The BT iPlate is slotted in between the NTE5 removable faceplate and the main body.
No extension (or other) wiring needs to be disturbed.

BT's iPlate is a simple device that isolates the ring wire (terminal 3) at the BT Master Socket; the ring wire is the primary culprit for picking up (RF) interference which adversely affects broadband performance.

Broadband Faceplate filter
The above ADSL filter plugs into your NTE5 (BT Master Socket)  filtering all your internal phone wiring to give you the best ADSL connection possible.

BT iPlate
Broadband Accelerator


Faceplate Filter


BT iPlate
Broadband Accelerator


It does not require any re-wiring and is therefore intended for people who are unable or unwilling to swap a couple of wires. The same results can be achieved for free simply by removing the ring wire (terminal 3) behind the removable faceplate on the BT Master Socket.

The iPlate is not an ADSL filter.
A filtered ADSL faceplate is an ADSL filter that removes the ADSL signal from all internal wiring so that none of the extension wiring can interfere with the signal, and can be easily fitted replacing the removable faceplate and swapping the extension wires.

Interstitial Plate - iplate

BT I-plate Bell Wire filter for broadband

More on NTE5 Master Socket

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