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Watch TV online in the UK with internet 'catch up' services

The logos below link to the online (over the internet) websites of these UK TV broadcasters

BBC iPlayer

ITV Player

4oD - Channel 4 Catch Up

Channel 5 FIVE On Demand



BBC iPlayer

CBBC CBeebies

TV Programs available for
30 days* after first being shown.

Increased from 7 to 30 days

BBC Radio channels are also available - both recorded programs and live radio.

BBC iPlayer now allows live streaming of all the BBC TV channels as well as the catch up service.

ITV Player


TV Programs available for
30 days after first being shown.


ITV Catch Up
ITV Catch Up
In December 2008 the ITV CatchUp service became
ITV Player

4oD - 4 Catch Up

Channel 4 E4 More4 4Music

TV Programs available for
30 days after first being shown.

C4 Catchup is also called 4oD - '4 on Demand'
4oD was originally a P2P program you installed but it now allows streaming TV like the other players.

Demand FIVE


[March 2011 FIVER rebranded as Five* / Five Star]

TV Programs available for
30 days after first being shown.

There is a charge for some content on channel FIVE - the above link takes you to the free TV programs.

Dave TV on demand - the home of witty banter...Dave TV (Free)
the home of witty banter
Still in beta, Dave TV have launched their video on demand service.

Starting with a small selection of shows:
Red Dwarf, Would I Lie To You?, Dragons' Den Canada

iPlayer Diagnostics from the BBC
How to check to see if your broadband connection is fast enough to stream iPlayer / HD:

iPlayer Diagnostics for your Broadband connection


BBC iPlayer - Search iPlayer forums for answers... BBC iPlayer forums
The official BBC iPlayer use forums can be found using the link below.
Unfortunately there is no Search facility on the BBC's site, so I've created a Custom Google Search Engine to specifically search the iPlayer forum. The forum contains iPlayer 'Service Updates', 'Suggestions', General Discussion', 'TV' and 'Radio' sections. Everything from "how to use iPlayer on your iPod Touch", 'DRM problems' to "where's the latest Dr Who episode?"

SEARCH the BBC iPlayer Message Boards for
 iPlayer issues, updates, tips and answers!

Live TV on iPlayer
iPlayer LIVE RESTART - rewind live TV online for free

19th June 2012
Launched today - you can now rewind live TV on BBC iPlayer or restart a live TV programme! You can go back within the last 2 hours of live TV - works well!

iPlayer for non-BBC channels
iPlayer for UK TV Channels

17th February 2011
BBC iPlayer changes
The BBC now allow you to search for TV programmes on non-BBC channels using BBC's iPlayer.
The non-BBC channels listed are:
ITV1/2/3/4, FIVE/FIVER/FIVEUSA, Channel4 and S4/C
It's useful to find missed programmes in the schedule but you still get transferred to the providers website to watch via their 'TV Catchup' service.


BBC iPlayer using two screens...Viewing BBC iPlayer on a second monitor
The BBC iPlayer streams TV using FLV (FLV: Flash Video / Adobe Flash Player) which doesn't allow full-screen viewing on one monitor while using the other screen in a dual monitor set up.

As soon as you start using your main monitor, 'full screen mode' exits on the other screen!
View my iPlayer viewing tip to get around this problem...

NB: Viewing TV using these online providers is for residents on the UK.

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