Finding Longitude and Latitude online

Find Longitude and Latitude coordinates by US Zip Code and Place Name
Just click on the map below to find the longitude and latitude of any given place - you can also use the 'Find' button to locate any place or Zip Code. The coordinates are displayed below the map. This map is centred on the US but the map covers the whole world!
UK map version here
You can either scroll and zoom the map manually or search by or zip code and place name using the search box below the map.


This web page converts USA Zip Codes and place names to longitude/latitude coordinates.
Just enter the Zipcode and click 'Find', zoom in as required and click the map to display the coordinates.
Change the view to aerial and zoom in on the map to find the exact longitude and latitude of a single building!
The format of these coordinates are ideal for use when adding maps to your own website when building with Microsoft or Google Maps.

Enter Zip Code or Place name:



Finding Longitude and Latitude
The locations longitude and latitude will appear above when you click on the map.
Just zoom and pan the map to your required location and 'click' to display the coordinates.

This map can be used to find the longitude/latitude of any given Zipcode in the USA.

This Microsoft Map 'Mashup' will work for the whole world, I've centered this map on the US for ease of use - view this page for a map centered on Britain for Post Codes and places.


Bird's Eye Map View
Note. Displaying longitude/latitude coordinates doesn't work when using the Bird's eye view.





Useful Tip!
Convert Long/Lat Coordinates to location

As well as being able to enter a place name or zip code you can also enter long/lat coordinates to find the location on the map.
The map will be centered on the coordinates you entered so zooming in will show you the exact location.

Useful mapping links

Microsoft: Bing Maps (previously called Virtual Earth)
Microsoft Bing Maps Developer Centre
Google Maps
Google Maps API Developer



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