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This website is my 'play' site for testing and trying out new web technologies and hosting
various bits and bobs!
I hope you find the information and tips useful...Broadband Connection Problems...

Most popular ADSL pages:

Improving Broadband Speed
Understanding and improving the speed of your internet connection.
Losing internet connection in the evening on ADSL Max
Changing your ADSL router to improve your connection with low SNR.
Broadband Speed Test
Simple broadband speed test to see how your connection is performing.
BT IP Profile table (BRAS - Broadband Remote Access Server)
A table showing BT's IP Profile / Line connection speed thresholds.
Checking the status of your Freeola/EntaNet Broadband 'IPSC Node'
Shows the ADSL IPSC Node you are connected to and the status of all nodes.

Other popular non-broadband pages:

Find Longitude and Latitude...Mapping - find longitude and latitude coordinates
Finding map coordinates in longitude and latitude in the right
format for using in map 'mashups' (dynamic maps embedded
in a web page) can be tricky. This page lets you click a
zoomable/scrollable map to show you accurate coordinates
for you to use in your map page.
Update: Convert UK Postcode or Place name to longitude/latitude


Internet Catchup TVWatching TV using the internet - online 'catchup' programs...

Streaming free TV using your broadband connection
Search the BBC iPlayer forums for all your iPlayer problems and questions.

NEW: Rewind Live TV on iPlayer - 19th June 2012
iPlayer - rewind live TV
With BBC iPlayer you can now rewind live online TV on iPlayer or restart a live programme! You can go back within the last 2 hours of live TV - works well!


Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)My Google Custom Search Engine, has been set up to search Freeola'sGoogle Custom Search Engine Chat Forums. The forum pages are well indexed by Google but didn't have their own search facility so this was a simple solution to allowing the forum to be searched.



Hmmm... Are you sure?This website is hosted using free web space available from but their paid for domains (which I have over 100) will function the same.

When picking a hosting company in the UK it's worth looking to see where the companies servers are physically hosted. When someone uses a Search Engine and clicks the "pages from the UK" option then if your website isn't physically in the UK you may not get displayed!

Improving Broadband Speed  Low SNR in the evening on ADSL Max
ADSL Speed Test
''Map Mashup" to display Longitude and Latitude to use in your Mashup

Visitors arriving via Google
- the most popular searches:

Channel 4 Player
NTE5 BT Master Socket
CITV iPlayer
finding map coordinates
adding moviemaker logo

BBC NEWS ticker script...NEWS TICKER script
Simple BBC NEWS style
JavaScript Ticker  


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Popular pages!

Website weather script...Website Weather
Local weather forecast script for websites

Flickr website script...Flickr photos
Automatically display Flickr photos on your website

Checking short links are safe...URL Shorteners
Checking links are safe -  and TinyURL, &

Google GEO Location demoGoogle GEO Location demo using WiFi Access points

Browser Choice - browserchoice.exeMicrosoft's browser choice update
Browser Choice

Creating an iPhone / iPod Touch iconiPhone webclip logos
Creating a website icon for your iPhone/iPod Touch

Adding a watermark or logo to your videoWindows Movie Maker
Adding a logo overlay to your WMM videos

twitter - short URL's for linkstwitter
JavaScript widgets links safe?


Error loading newdev.dll - BT VoyagerRe-installing BT Voyager 105 modem
newdev.dll errors

Speedtouch 585v6 - Good for long lines...Thomson Speedtouch 585v6 fixed my ADSL !

TalkTalk Broadband not displaying pages...TalkTalk modem/router causing problems - Fixed

iPlayer- Channel 4 - 40d - Catchup TV


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