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Display UK Longitude and Latitude
coordinates to use when creating your Microsoft or Google Map 'Mashup'.

US Map version here (find Zip Code coordinates)

To find the longitude and latitude of any given place - just click on the map below. The coordinates are displayed below the map.
The map is centred on the UK but the map covers the whole world!
You can either scroll and zoom the map manually or search by postcode (or zip code) and place name using the search box below the map.

Enter Postcode or Place name:


The locations/coordinates - longitude and latitude will appear above when you click on the map.
Just zoom and pan the map to your required location and 'click' to display the coordinates.

This map can be used to find the longitude and latitude of any given postcode in the UK.
When searching for Post Codes use the format 'SW1A 1AA' i.e. use a space.
I've used the postcode for Buckingham Palace for this example!

View Map centered on the USA for Zip Code and place name locator.

My Microsoft Map 'Mashup' is centered on the UK. Use the zoom controls and drag the map to your required location - the whole world is covered!

NB. Displaying long/lat coordinates doesn't work when using the Bird's eye view.

After struggling to find the required map coordinates (longitude and latitude) in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees Latitude/Longitude Conversions etc. for use in website Map "Mashups" I created a webpage that worked for me and thought others might also find it useful...

This web page now also converts UK postcodes to longitude/latitude.
Just enter the postcode, zoom in as required and click the map to display the coordinates.
USA/Zip Code map


Useful Tip! 
Finding location from Long/Lat Coordinates

As well as being able to enter a place name or post code to find longitude and latitude (zoom in for accuracy down to building level) you can also enter long/lat coordinates to find the location on the map. The map is centered on your coordinates so zooming in will show you the exact location.


"find map coordinates"
is the most used search term used to find this map page.
Microsoft Virtual Earth
: www.microsoft.com/virtualearth/
Virtual Earth Developer Center: msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/virtualearth/default.aspx

Google Maps: www.google.com/apis/maps/
Putting Google Maps on your own website

USA map The same long/lat finder but with the map centered on the US for Zip Codes and American place names.

Always happy to receive Feedback on Maps/Longitude/Latitude or website comments.
Below are some previous comments about my 'longitude/latitude coordinate finder / search tool' web page:

From: Charlotte
Your website was very useful!
I don't know if you mention it but where it says put in the post code or place you can also put in the long and lat to show you where it is! :) We used it that way as well. It was very good!!     
<< I've added a note above so visitors know about this.

From: Katie
Hello, I've have found your longitude/latitude finder very helpful. Thanks Katie.

From: Glo
Found your map today - what a useful website. Just to let you know I am using Safari 5.0.5 with no problems. Surprised that google does not make it as easy to find latitude and longitude.

From: Curtis
This is a really useful facility. I have just used it to work out the coordinates of our house in order to apply to DEFRA for our CPH (County Parish Holding) number.
Thanks very much.

From: SB
Message: (email received regarding a query to the decimal format of the locations longitude and latitude)
Firstly, thank you for an excellent site - it's extremely accurate and easy to use...
It really is an excellent site and a really useful service you provide - so much easier to use than any other site I have found. Thank you, sincerely.
Best wishes.

From: Martin
The ease in which i could find accurate co-ords
of where i was looking for was admirable.

From: CJ
I'm afraid that the coordinates being returned are not correct (at least not in all cases), try this for different parts of the world against know Locations and Lat/Long. Both Microsoft and Google use a coordinate system that does not match Lat/Long. Good try though!
Followed a couple of hours later by:
From: CJ
I've just realised your outputting the coords as decimal degrees and they are correct. Sorry! I'm old fashioned and used to degrees minutes etc.

From: Brien
This is a great service and I'm glad I was able to point to you in my blog about geotagging Windows Live Photos.
Thank you for creating this and thanks for your feedback on my blog entry.

From: Des
Thank you for this site. It's actually interesting to see pictures of where I work that are a few years out of date - not a knock, just a gentle hint - as we've lost a lot of facilities and it's nice to see how it used to be. Keep it up, Des.



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