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EntaNet ADSL/Broadband connection info

Introduction of EntaNet IPSC / WBC 21CN nodes and removal of Entanet 'CENTRAL PIPES'

March 2014 - Changes
At the start of March Entanet removed the 'node usage information' from public view.
The ability to check which node you are connected to also seems to be unavailable.

If the situation changes I'll update this page.

Enta have changed the ADSL set up so that users now connect to the internet via IPSC (IPStream Connect) rather than the old IPStream Centrals.

View Entanet WBC node status

This link will show you which IPSC or WBC 'node' you are connected to:
'' needs to be changed to match your Entanet ADSL login.

Adding your password (use MD5 if you want to hide it) will give more connection information:
This will display: Interconnect node | Interconnect type | High bandwidth user | Number of days marked as a high bandwidth user | If this number is 5 or more you will be affected by the high bandwidth user ALT settings.
Last date marked as a high bandwidth user | ALT status for your connection. ALT currently suspended see below.

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EntaNet IPSC Nodes:

faraday-ipsc > City of London
> Docklands
> London North West
> Kingston upon Thames
> Slough
> Milton Keynes
> Birmingham
> Manchester
> Sheffield
> Edinburgh

View Entanet WBC node status

EntaNet Broadband Status - IPSC/WBC

This EntaNet status display opposite shows the current status and usage of the IPSC nodes.

Official Enta page:  IPSC Interconnect Status

The data is updated every 5 minutes - refresh the page to see the updated IPSC nodes status.

Latest updates from EntaNet's NOC

Update: 4th November 2009 EntaNet have introduced traffic shaping/speed throttling for some types of internet traffic to try and improve their service due to capacity problems.

Full details on the official NOC - see above.
The ALT (Anti Loss Tool) has been suspending.

faraday-ipsc > City of London statusstepneygreen-ipsc > Docklands status
colindale-ipsc > London North West statuskingston-ipsc > Kingston upon Thames status
slough-ipsc > Slough  statusmiltonkeynes-ipsc > Milton Keynes status
birmingham-ipsc > Birmingham statusmanchester-ipsc > Manchester status
sheffield-ipsc > Sheffield statusedinburgh-ipsc > Edinburgh status

Under EntaNet's new IPSC(20CN) WBC(21CN) setup you can no-longer switch central pipes or nodes. So if your IPSC/WBC node is performing poorly you can't move to a faster one!

Official EntaNet NOC (Network Operations Centre) broadband service status.

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View Entanet WBC node status


*Previous Enta 'Central Pipes checking' notes left  below for reference*

EntaNet CENTRAL PIPE status and usage
Changing EntaNet Central pipes
to get the best broadband speed see the notes below.

Finding the Enta Central Pipe you are currently connected to the internet on and also the current status/capacity of the other available Central Pipes.

CHANGES TO CENTRAL PIPES: 27/11/2008  *See below for new methods to check your pipe*...

EntaNet announcement:
"In order to address some of the issues seen recently with an imbalance on our Central Pipes, we are making improvements to the method of distributing users between LNS equipment. These changes will enable us to better balance the pipes through the day to day re-connections that take place, which in turn will lead to an improved customer experience for all users. One of the disadvantages of such as system however, is that it removes the ability for end users to be able to see which Central Pipe they are currently connected to, as specific LNS equipment cannot be tied to an individual central.

Whilst it has been a difficult decision to make, we have decided to make these changes as the loss of information would have happened on the switch to the upcoming IPStream Connect product, which is expected for Q1 of 2009. These changes have been introduced to a small number of devices and will continue to be rolled out in the coming days."
EntaNet NOC

Displaying the Central Pipe Status and finding out which one you are connected to

Since EntaNet made the above changes to improve the load on the available pipes checking the status of the Centrals pipes has changed.

EntaNet Central Pipe Checker:
EntaNet also offer their own facility to find your Central Pipe:
Adding this link to a favourite/bookmark (once you've added your ADSL userid) works well.

Official EntaNet NOC (Network Operations Centre) service status.


Changing EntaNet Central pipes (FREEOLA / ADSL24 / AQUISS / UKFSN / FALCONNET / etc.)

To switch your EntaNet Central Pipe (your connection to the internet) don't reboot your router just drop the connection and then re-connect.

Most routers will have a disconnect / connect option. After re-connecting refresh this page to see which central pipe you are using - note it can take a few attempts to move pipes as it's just hit and miss which one you'll get.

It's important to use the disconnect/connect router option as rebooting your router can upset your BT exchange and cause your 'Target SNR' to be increased!

EntaNet Gateway (LNS Router) to Central Pipe Map:
(since the above changes to the EntaNet Centrals this is now out of date!)
Central 1: t, x
Central 2: b, c
Central 3: e, f
Central 4: r, s
Central 5: m, n
Central 6: y, z
Central 7:
Central 8:
21CN: q,lns01.the

EntaNet Centrals
The first part of the display shows the Central Pipe you are connected to along with it's status.

The status of the others Centrals follows.

7.2 (7150kbps) is the maximum possible speed you will see for a central pipe, but even if your line is getting the maximum sync (8128kbps) your actual speed will always be lower due to additional overheads.

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EntaNet ADSL status IPSC/WBC

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