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Why is my broadband connection so slow?


Start your Broadband Speed Test by clicking below.
For the most accurate results don't have any other internet activity going on at the same time.

See my ADSL page for tips to understand and improve your broadband connection: ADSL information

It's normal to get different speed results when testing your internet connection during different times of the day.

You may see a slower speed in the evening for example, when there are likely to be lots of people using the internet.

Depending on your internet provider and your BT Exchange there may be some congestion or speed capping occurring.

To get the best results try running the speed test at different times of the day - mid-morning during the week will often show the best speeds your connection can get.

Your choice of ADSL Router can also have an effect on your internet connection speed.

BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test
Broadband Diagnostic Test

IP PROFILE - the only official way to find your current IP Profile
BT Speedtester
(BT's Official broadband speed test)

Rather than go through BT's first speed test to get to the 'Further Diagnostics' option to view your current IP Profile you can visit:

If you are on ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL (adaptive ADSL) to see your current IP Profile (also known as BRAS profile) you have to use the official BT Speedtester.
BT have introduced a new speed test address (Jan 2013) has been replaced with

Note: The BT Speedtester is famous for being rather flakey!
You may have to try running the test a few times before it runs successfully. If you are trying to report a broadband speed problem then your ISP will normally ask you to use the BT Speedtester as this is the only official test BT will accept.

In January 2013 BT changed the URL for their official broadband speed test - see above.
The new test initially just does a simple Download, Upload and Ping Latency test - you can then follow the "Further Diagnostics" link at the bottom of the page which will ask for your phone number and then perform a speedtest which will display your IP Profile and maximum achievable speed.


If you are interested in finding out your IP Profile for your own interest and not necessarily to report a problem then running the simple speed test above can show you this.

Once you start to understand your lines characteristics it's quite simple. (See my ADSL information page for details.)

For example. My line normally sync's (connects) at around 6,100kbps. That means the highest IP Profile I can achieve is 5000. So if I run the simple speed test above (no login etc. required) and see a download speed of say 4838 - then I know my IP Profile hasn't dropped and I'm on the highest I can expect on my line and everything is running fine with no throttling or speed limiting/congestion problems.


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